Gratitude for Life

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I am grateful for wake up each day.

I am grateful for the sensation of running, drawing with my body a heart pulsing on the ground: mine and of the Earth like One.

I feel under my feet the ancestors existence and of all forms of life;

I feel the same air in the air as those who once breathed there;

I feel a continuous flow, each moment intertwined, entangled, connected in a mesh woven by invisible threads among all beings in the Cosmos.

I am grateful for all this.

*Sharing my Gratitude to the Earth

About Ana Villas Boas

Ana Villas Boas lives and works in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. She holds Master’s Degree in Sociology, focusing on sociability, daily life and urbanism. She works as sociologist, in the area of Urban Planning at the Municipality, and also as instructor of Kundalini Yoga. Since 2011 she is a long distance runner and became an athlete as a child, as a swimmer, besides practicing triathlon, rowing, and canoeing. However, in addition to physical activity, she has a more comprehensive view and is interested in relating this activity to various themes: body movement, landscapes, sounds and silence. Her attitude is inspired by oriental philosophies, and is focused on a poetic sensibility of the paths and also the imaginary. Departuring from her own body abilities, mind, environment and sensations she is able to express thoughts and emotions on writing, and more recently, on translucid experience with drawing and painting.
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